Marina Hankinson, PhD

For over thirty five years Marina Hankinson has studied and developed her expertise in energy medicine, spiritual anatomy, emotional intelligence, human awareness, and self-development. She originally studied in London, the areas of the Zen doctrine and Asian philosophies. She also completed studies of the Silva Mind Control Method.

In the U.S., she studied the science of medical intuition with Carolyn Myss and Dr. Norman Shealy of the Holos Institute of Health in St. Louis, Missouri. She earned her PhD degree in Complimentary, Alternative and Preventative Therapies, including Transpersonal Psychology and Relationship Dynamics. She also has a Doctorate in Metaphysics.

International expertise

Marina has been working internationally during her travels and residences in U.S.A., Russia, Canada, Bermuda, the Middle East, and throughout Europe.

Dr. Marina Hankinson is a regular guest on television and radio programs across the USA.

She provides private sessions, workshops and seminars in the USA and Europe. 

With her own cosmetic line, "Marie-France Cosmetics", she helps to create the outer beauty women often need for enhancing their image and self-confidence.