"I’m so grateful for your care, your sensitivity and your empathy. It was very helpful to talk to someone who knows how to listen. You’re such a lovely person."

Frances - Boston

"Your ceaseless love, compassion and generosity have truly touched my heart. You have provided me some of my most precious moments, and motivated me in such a positive way. I also want to thank you for the time and energy you invest with all of your patients and students."

Christine – Long Island

Dear Marie-France,
You are heaven sent. We watched you stand on your feet all the time although we knew you were exhausted. Please know how much your time and effort meant to each of us.

Hollings Cancer Center

On behalf of my Mom and our family, we wish to give a special thanks to Marie-France Hankinson, (aka: "Frenchy") for the wonderful care and support she gave her. She lifted Mom’s spirit with each and every visit. Her present and her warmth at the service gave us all strength. 

The Barton Family – Eulogy to Dorothy Barton

Marie-France, I thank God for bringing you into our lives. You are truly an ANGEL. I hope whomever life you are in knows how blessed they are.
Love always, The Jenkins Family
God blesses those who give of themselves. May he reward you for being so kind.
In memory of Minnie Simmons
Dear Marie-France,
It is truly a humbling experience to spend time with individuals who are battling cancer or who have battled it. Please know how much your visits and your sharing of talent and love were appreciated by us. Thank you for your endless kindness and support.
Sterling Hannah

The Hollings Cancer Center

Dear Marie-France,
Words cannot express my gratitude for having known you and having you in our lives. Mom loved you so very much and always said you were an Angel on Earth! I hope you know that you are!

May your life continue to shine for others and may the Angels be with you always. I couldn’t have done it without you and I thank you from my heart.

Helen B